Why Choose Us

Step into Rototuna Optometrists, and feel the difference that a community-focused, patient-first approach makes.

Our Story

We’re not just your optometrists; we’re your advocates for better living through better sight.

Visique Rototuna Optometrists opened in 2006, when this area was still a greenfield site and subdivisions were just taking hold. It was important to us that we establish ourselves in this community from the onset. Providing top-quality eye care and forming meaningful connections with the community were our goals from the beginning.

Today Visique Rototuna Optometrists remains our legal name, but we prefer to call ourselves Rototuna Optometrists to emphasise our community focus. We are however the same people and remain an independent optometrist.

Our Independence, Your Advantage

Our Independence Is Your Key To Personalised Care

Independent ownership

One of the advantages of our independent ownership is that it allows us the freedom to handpick our brands and align our services directly with our client’s needs.

We don’t march to the beat of the corporate drum. As a result, we are able to offer dedicated services that serve the best interests of our clients, such as our Dry Eye Clinic and Myopia Clinic. What’s more, brands are chosen based on performance, not profit.

Continuity Of Care

The friendly faces you see are ones you’ll continue to see. In this way, your optometrist can better understand your eye health since he or she can draw on past knowledge and provide that continuity of care.

As a family owned business, and not a large franchise, we are very much invested in our community. We can offer truly personalised solutions. We are guided by the principle: “Optimise your life, optimise your vision.”

Living Local, Serving Local

We’re more than just your optometrists; we’re your neighbours. We live here, shop here, our kids go to school here.

Our team is essentially a close-knit family—each member handpicked to match the values of our practice, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Learn more about each member of our team by reading about their experience.

Why Choose Us

Optimise your vision now and safeguard your eye health for the future.

Optical Frames With More Choices
Wider Range Of Prescription Options
Dedicated Myopia Clinic
Specialised In Hard And Soft Contact Lenses
Advanced Eye Examinations
Prescribers of Ocular Therapeutics
Dedicated Dry Eye Clinic