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Hamilton Optometrists

Certified and qualified for all aspects of primary eye care

Rototuna Optometrists provides comprehensive eye care with a focus on vision correction and eye health.

We take a closer look at your eyes with in depth examinations that can detect eye health changes, sometimes before you notice them. We also offer a wider range of eyewear solutions tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Optimise your vision now and safeguard your eye health for the future. Book an eye examination with our highly experienced optometrists.

Optimal Vision for All Ages

See the difference. Feel the difference. Live the difference.

Optimise your vision whatever your stage of life. From children to seniors, our highly experienced optometrists provide primary eye care for the entire family.

Experts in Pediatric Eye Care

Vision for life. Vision for learning. Vision for confidence, play, sport... vision for living!

Vision affects so many aspects of our lives, especially for children in their formative years. Social interactions, confidence, sport, learning, mood and general wellbeing … seeing clearly impacts so much.

Children’s eye care is a specialised field, and at Rototuna Optometrists it is ours. One of the most rewarding aspects of our profession is witnessing how vision correction positively impacts children. We love hearing how their learning has improved, and how relaxed and confident they feel.

Optimise your child’s vision now and safeguard their eye health in the future. Book an in depth eye examination with our highly experienced optometrists.

Eye Services

Eye health isn't just about vision correction

Rototuna Optometrists are highly qualified and certified to provide all aspects of primary eye care – not just prescribing glasses. In order to optimise your vision now and in the future, we take a proactive approach to eye health. As part of our commitment to best practice, we even have a dedicated Myopia and Dry Eye Clinic.

We take pride in our role as your primary eye health care provider and encourage you to book an appointment if you have any eye related concern, not just vision. Our services include:

Children’s Vision

One in five children has a vision problem. Is your child one of them? Vision problems can manifest in subtle ways. Learn some of the subtle ways you can identify them.

Contact Lenses

Lenses differ greatly in terms of what you see and their impact on eye health. A lens' quality can be determined by its design, materials, coating, and manufacturing precision. For optimal comfort, clarity, and eye health, we only prescribe lenses of the highest quality.

Dry Eye Clinic

Do you have dry, red, irritated, or watery eyes? Dry eye syndrome affects 20% of New Zealanders.  Our dry eye clinic tailors a treatment plan for you based on your needs. Dry eyes can be treated in a number of ways depending on the type and severity.

Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. It is almost always possible to control with ongoing treatment when it is diagnosed early. People often don't notice any changes in their vision in the early stages, which is why screening is important.

Myopia Clinic

We prescribe myopia control glasses and contact lenses at our dedicated myopia clinic. Myopia control glasses have completely different optics designed specifically to slow down the progression of myopia. Find out what our clinic can offer you as a patient.

Prescriptions & Treatments

Have you got a sore eye or a red eye? Do you have ocular discharge or inflammation? Have you had a minor eye accident? We can treat you for that. We are accredited ACC providers for managing minor eye injuries and abrasions.

Book My Eye Examination

Your ‘routine’ eye examination should be anything but routine – it could save your sight

Comprehensive eye examinations can detect eye health changes, sometimes before you notice them. They can even save your sight. Detect and correct the slightest change as soon as possible.

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Optimise your vision now and safeguard your eye health for the future.

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Dedicated Dry Eye Clinic


We are deeply passionate about helping our clients achieve the best vision possible. After all, our team understands the difference this can make. What is it like to be a client of ours? Our clients share their experiences first hand.