Prescriptions & Treatments

The health of your eyes isn’t just about your ability to see clearly.

ACC Accredited for minor injuries and abrasions

Rototuna Optometrists are highly qualified and certified to provide all aspects of primary eye care including most eye injuries and infections. This includes prescribing a range of therapeutics like antibiotics, steroids and treatments for eye inflammation.

Often, GPs refer patients to us for more in-depth examinations. This is because we have the equipment to see into the back of the eye and really identify what’s going on. Whenever necessary, we work closely with ophthalmologists.

We take pride in our role as your primary eye health care provider and encourage you to book an appointment if you have any eye-related concerns, not just vision.

Rototuna Optometrists can help you with all aspects of primary eye care. Have you got a sore eye or a red eye? Do you have discharge or inflammation? We can treat you for that.

Here are some reasons you might need to see us

We are accredited ACC providers for managing minor eye injuries and abrasions.