Our goal is to make your vision the best it can be.

We offer a wide range of options

Our goal is to make your vision the best it can be – there’s no such thing as “good enough”. It’s the finer details that ultimately determine how you see the world and live your life. This is why we offer prescriptions and eyewear beyond what is typically on offer.

For us, it’s not just about taking a prescription and ordering something. There are so many options for even a simple prescription. We ensure you know what they are, so you can make the best choice for you.

We don't just consider your vision needs, but also how you live your life

Work that requires you to use tools, look up or down, drive a lot, be active… how we live and view the world is so different. Fortunately, technology allows for so many more options these days. By keeping up with what is new and emerging, we can offer our clients the best solutions.

Prescription glasses should never be stock standard

Every person is different, not just when it comes to eye function but also how they live. We pride ourselves on customising every aspect of your eye care solution. If you need specialised solutions, like Myopia Control, or for activities like driving, sports, or computer use, we fine-tune your prescription.

One set of glasses for every task? Or specific glasses for certain tasks.

Just as we don’t wear the same pair of shoes for every activity, you may choose a different pair of glasses for different tasks. You could have a specific set of glasses for reading, sports, driving and computer work. It opens up a whole new range of options.

Or you can choose multi-focals, which are glasses for all activities. No matter what you decide, we will take your prescription and make it look and feel fantastic.

Make the most of your vision with the very best solutions and advice from a team of passionate and highly experienced clinicians.

Our Brands

rototuna optometrists brands blackfin


Blackfin eyewear is a brand that epitomises grace and elegance. Their glasses have been meticulously crafted in Italy and made from cutting-edge titanium that weights 40% less than aluminium, but is twice as strong. Blackfin is for the forward thinking individual who loves to push boundaries.

rototuna optometrists brands bill bass


The Billbass brand has 25 years of experience creating stunning eyewear. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Billbass produces outstanding frames at affordable prices. Made from the highest quality materials, Billbass has continued to keep Australians and Kiwis in style.

rototuna optometrists brands calvin klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been an icon of American fashion since 1968. Calvin Klein's pieces are defined by chic design, attention to detail, and sleek modernity. Step into the legacy and take home a statement pair of Calvin Klein glasses.

rototuna optometrists brands charmant


Founded in Japan in 1956, Charmant has an extensive range of high quality titanium framed glasses. The Charman brand values both tradition and quality and are self proclaimed as being driven by passion to make a lasting contribution to the optical space.

rototuna optometrists brands convertibles


The Convertibles brand sets the standard for contemporary, functional eyewear. Crafted with a fusion of intelligent design and cutting-edge technology, each piece harmonises style, comfort, and UV protection, setting a new bar for optical glasses.

rototuna optometrists brands elle eyewear


Contemporary, functional, affordable styling which complements and responds to the needs of today’s active women. Now, in the 21st century, with millions of fans around the world, ELLE continues to lead the way as a dynamic fashion influencer and an active champion of women’s independence, passions and perspectives.

rototuna optometrists brands inface


Inface is the playful and affordable choice of eyewear for the fashion conscious, modern trend-lover. With a dedicated Danish design team who seeks inspiration from Scandinavian and global street fashion, you'll be sure to stand apart from the crowd.

rototuna optometrists brands jaguar


The Jaguar eyewear collection combines the latest in spectacle technology with unique design transfers to create modern and sporty prescription frames. In addition to the luxury brand's hallmark details and materials, the entire collection also features sophisticated colour effects and lens shapes. As a result, their glasses are both unique and highly sought-after.

rototuna optometrists brands lighttec


MOREL aims for perfection at every stage of the creation of its eyewear. All frames are CE-compliant and are tested internally in their internal laboratory. The quality manager, trained by ALUTEC, oversees all tests, thus guaranteeing the perfect quality Morel is known for.

rototuna optometrists brands nano vista 2

Nano Vista

Nano Vista are known for creating indestructible and flexible children's glasses. As experts in children's visual health, Nano Vista are now the most recommended brand of pediatric glasses, by pediatricians and ophtalmologists worldwide.

rototuna optometrists brands oakley


Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) lenses have been optimised for both safety and performance. Their high standards are set up to meet the uncompromising demands of professional athletes who settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision while they compete.

rototuna optometrists brands prodesign denmark


Prodesign is known for being a high-quality eyewear brand founded in Denmark. Ever since its inception in 1973, they’ve believed that optical eyewear is much more than just functionality. By combining expertise in optics with a strong focus on design, they shape, refine and perfect every frame.

rototuna optometrists brands roy robson

Roy Robson

This sophisticated, chic all men's line features frames made of Damast steel, carbon and acetate materials. The symbol of the brand, the knot, embodies the connection of the three main priorities of the company: uncompromising quality, impeccable style, and a hundred years of experience.

rototuna optometrists brands silhouette


Silhouette eyewear stands for absolute precision, innovation and attention to detail. Discover their truly iconic glasses that are all hingeless, and screwless for 24/7 comfort.

rototuna optometrists brands stepper eyewear 2


Stepper Eyewear creates frames to meet individual fitting requirements for optimal vision correction. Stepper frames remain true to their founding commitment to providing frames that best meet the ophthalmic needs and style wants of the wearer.

rototuna optometrists brands tree spectacles


Tree Spectacles are both contemporary and timeless pieces that emit quiet luxury. As an avant-garde and minimalistic brand, Tree Spectacles are always looking for the best design combinations to express their ethos.

rototuna optometrists brands ugly fish

Ugly Fish

The Ugly Fish new fresh range of glasses have been made from 100% recycled fishing net. And even better, it's tough, lightweight and built for active kiwis. Grab life by the handlebars. Get crystal clear vision when you need it most with Ugly Fish.

rototuna optometrists brands woodys 2


A brand made for unique people, born to break with the mainstream and depict a world full of unique stories and characters. The design team at Woodys conceptualises, creates and produces frames full of authenticity.

rototuna optometrists brands woow


Reinvent yourself with WOOW eyewear. Transform your life into a celebration, from the break of dawn to midnight with WOOW's range of sleek designs. Inject a dose of positivity into your eyewear wardrobe. Choose from eye popping bright colours and get to a dance floor.