The health of your eyes isn’t just about your ability to see clearly.

(also known as spots)

Floaters, also known as spots, are those little blobs that occasionally appear in your vision when
you’re looking at a white wall. They’re caused by tiny particles and impurities in the gel-like substance inside your eyeball, casting shadows on your retina. While they can be bothersome, most of the time they’re harmless. However, it’s always a good idea to have them checked by an optometrist, as they could be a sign of an eye condition or other health issue.

If you get an increase in floaters, or you suddenly develop floaters, it could indicate a more serious eye problem. Visit your optometrist straight away.

Flashing Lights

In around 10-20% of cases these flashes may be an early sign of serious eye disease. Whether young or old, an urgent eye examination is necessary if flashing lights suddenly occur to ensure there is no sign of changes that might threaten your eyesight.

If you notice sudden changes in your vision, like floaters, flashing lights, or shadows, don’t hesitate to reach out to your optometrist immediately as there could be changes to your eye that could potentially threaten your sight.


Your optometrist will urgently refer you to a specialist if floaters or flashing lights are associated with any condition causing damage to the eye. The eye specialist can treat the problem using laser treatment or surgery to preserve your sight and repair the problem.

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